Friday, October 16, 2009

All Day in The Fridge

I'd decided that my skiing technique needed some attention, so booked onto a 1 day course at The Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead. The event was run by Chris Fecher and Will Roberts.


With 2 coaches and 5 students it was a pretty full on day, with little time for a rest and nowhere to hide! I'd never considered that skiing for a day on an indoor slope could possibly be tiring. Occasionally we were gathered round for a briefing, to find out what we would be doing next. Then it was back to the draglift for some more drills!

I'm being realistic in accepting that it will take some more practice time before I can make lasting changes to my technique, but I intend to get some more slope time before I head for the hills.

I have recently purchased some new ski boots. I was a little anxious about wearing them for a whole day, whilst the liners were settlling. I was pleasantly surprised that they were pretty comfortable. It's around 20 years since I've worn Salomon boots, and typing that makes me feel old!

It was pretty apparent that comfy though they were, I was a bit unbalanced. I felt as though I was skiing on the two inner edges. So I'd booked to have Skier Alignment undertaken by Andi McCann of Alpine McCannix,

It would have been ideal to have me and the boots balanced up before the Course. The best I could achieve was 3 days afterwards. I met up with Andi and he worked pretty hard to get me sorted out, the work took around 3 hours. The soles of my boots have been planed, and a protective sole plate has been fitted, internal heel lifts have been added, and heaps more technical stuff !

My new boots now look just a little different....

I can't wait to try them out!

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